President Clinton visits Oxnard

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President Clinton spoke to a group of Oxnard voters today at Oxnard College.  It is not everyday Oxnard hosts a high profile celebrity like Mr. Clinton, but this is no ordinary visit.
The California 26th district seat is at stake and Democratic incumbent Julia Brownley has her hands full with Republican challenger Jeff Gorell. This race is considered to be so tight that the Democrats called in the heavy hitters to drum up support for Brownley.
Ventura County doesn’t receive much attention during the elections so it is good to see Ventura County in the national spotlight with President Clinton making his visit to Oxnard.
It is important to voice your opinion and vote and with this tight race in the balance, your vote will make a difference.  Below is the links to both candidates campaign sites and also a site to research the numerous propositions in this years elections.  Make sure to Vote this Tuesday November 4th.
Jeff Gorell campaing site
Julia Brownley campaign site:
California propositions:
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