Moving To-Dos

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There are so many details to handle as you prepare for a move that it can seem like a daunting task. I’m sending this checklist to help you manage the process and not forget anything.

Moving To-Dos:

• Order a moving van and make sure you have a firm bid in writing.
• Call utility companies to cancel current services and sign up for services in your new home.
• Cancel phone and cable service and arrange for service in your new home.
• Obtain referrals for doctors, dentists, and specialists if you are moving out of the area.
• Collect medical records for family members and pets. These should be carried with you.
• Have any necessary prescriptions filled and carry them with you.
• Arrange to move pets, including travel containers, immunization records, etc.
• Transfer checking and savings accounts. Empty safe-deposit boxes, pack items, and carry contents with you.
• Dispose of flammables and other hazardous materials.
• Moisten plants prior to packing.
• Back up your computer files and pack CDs in their cases.
• Drain fuel from lawnmowers and other equipment. Drain water hoses.
• Have the car serviced for the trip and have proof of insurance in the car.
• Pack a first night box: coffee, bedding, household cleaners, toothpaste and toothbrush, pet food, and other essentials that you will need upon arrival.
• Conduct a last-minute walk through. Check drawers, closets, basements and the garage.
• Make sure everything is turned off and locked up.

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